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Clear Brackets 
Our practice uses Mini braces because they were designed with both patient comfort and clinical efficiency in mind. These braces are 30% smaller than traditional appliances, which makes them more comfortable to wear and less noticeable on your teeth. 
Gold Brackets
Fixed Brace 
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Types of Fixed Brace
Gold braces are stainless steel braces coated with 24-carat gold and are popular with patients of all ages. They can be combined with gold or tooth coloured wires depending on the stage of treatment.
If you are looking for a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to metal braces, ceramic, tooth-coloured braces may be for you.
However they are not suitable for all cases, have certain disadvantages and require excellent oral hygiene
Mr. Penny will advise you of the suitability of your teeth for this type of bracket.
A fixed brace is made up of small, precisely designed metal or ceramic brackets that are bonded to each tooth.

The brackets are then connected to each other using a thin metal wire, called an archwire.

The archwire is held in place with small elastic rings called modules. These come in various colours, allowing you to design your own brace.

*Currently there is no additional charge for the various types of bracket but they may not be indicated in your particular case.

Please click the following link for the Brace Designer-
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